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Utopia Home Set of 8 Pantry Organizers-Includes Organizers – Organizers for Freezers, Kitchen Countertops


  • SET OF 8 – Set of 8 pantry organizer allows for better grocery management by providing the appropriate space for proper allocation of commodities
  • NOT DISHWASHER SAFE -Clean with hands using a light detergent and water (temperature range -20 degree to 50 degree)
  • GREAT STORAGE CAPACITY – The drawers are big enough to accommodate commodities in good quantity easily; the set incorporates 4 big drawers and 4 smaller ones to ensure better placement of grocery items

Built-in handle

The built-in handle assists immensely in handling and storing items in the organizer, providing a user-friendly experience at all times. The handle provides a perfect grip when in use so that you have a comfortable use of it. Also, its strong construction makes sure that the handle carries a good amount of weight.

Care Instructions

It is recommended that the organizer be hand washed only to prolong the life of the product. Please note that the product is not dishwasher safe & it’s non-microwavable. Can bear temperatures between -20 to 50 degrees

Sturdy Design

It’s a sturdily crafted organizer bin made using heavy-duty plastic that can easily store a good number of items without causing any sort of harm to the bin’s structure. The transparent body allows you to view the content, which is present inside, with ease so that you can pick the required item right away without making a mess of it. Also, it is stain and odor resistant to further enhance the value that is being delivered.


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