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Softball Face Mask – Durable Fielder Head Guards – Premium Sports Accessories for Indoors and Outdoors


  • CLASSIC DESIGN: Our durable adult size steel face guard provides a classic look and feel while offering valuable protection, adjustable from 6 ¾” to 7 ½”.
  • YOU CAN SEE IT ALL: With its open design, this premium fielders mask provides you a wide field of vision. This makes it much easier to catch pop flies, snag ground balls, and see the player trying to steal third.
  • KEEPS YOU LOOKING GOOD: With your hair tucked through its ponytail opening, this softball fielder’s mask will definitely keep hair out of your eyes so you can be at the top of your game – for the whole game.

Product Description



We at Champion Sports have provided two durable softball fielder mask designs for you to choose from – steel or magnesium. Our steel softball facemask provides that classic mask look and feel while our magnesium facemask provides all the same protection but approximately 30% lighter than standard steel designs. Think how much lighter you’ll feel on your feet wearing one of these ultralight magnesium models during a game. Being molded, not assembled, enhances the strength of this magnesium fielders mask. With either the steel or magnesium design, there’s no need to be afraid to attack those ground balls headed your way. We’ll protect that beautiful face of yours. Take to the field with your team and Champion Sports. We have all of the sports accessories you need to win the game. You will have to bring the skill.

(1) Face Mask

Dimensions: Adult size (adjustable 6 ¾” to 7 ½”) and youth size (adjustable 6 ¼” to 6 ¾”)
Materials: 2 models – Steel or Magnesium
Colors: Available in various colors of black, red, white, blue, purple, pink and silver


With a narrower open design, this softball fielder’s mask stays closer to your face, giving you a wider view of the field. You won’t have a problem seeing the player trying to steal home when you wearing one of these. Another easy out your teammates will thank you for. Everything becomes easier when you can see the ball.


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